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Kaitrade celebrates 30 years and a new line of ClimeEvent 2 chambers!

It's unbelievable, but it's been 30 years since Mr. Ivan Kaitmann founded Kaitrade in 1992. Since its foundation, the company has also represented our German partner, Weiss Technik, in 1992 still as Heraeus Instruments. As a gift, we could not receive anything less than the new generation of ClimeEvent 2 climate chambers. We would like to introduce you to the new range of chambers and show you the step-by-step development of not only the test chambers, but also of Kaitrade company.

Our company's journey began in 1992, and now, in 2022, we can proudly celebrate our 30th birthday. Although we have grown over time, we can still pride ourselves on being a small family business and that our priorities have not changed even after 30 years.

Our unequivocal priority is to do what we understand best and to provide our customers with professional technical support based on mutual trust and respect. 

We particularly value our market leadership in the field of service support and quality of service. It has always been our goal to have a satisfied customer - not only before, but also after the purchase of our equipment. We have a stable team that enables us to provide quality service. To give you an idea, our service technicians take care of more than 2200 devices!

We value equally the long-term partnerships with our business partners - both customers as well as equipment manufacturers. One of the first manufacturers with whom KAITRADE signed an exclusive representation agreement was Heraeus Instruments, whose test chamber division we know today as weisstechnik.

A lot of time has passed since 1992, and not only we, but also our products have changed and evolved. Many of you will remember several versions of these devices:

The latest addition is a new product that was launched in May this year, the ClimeEvent 2 climate chamber. The development of new generations of chambers is based on feedback from customers, directly from the field, and this can be seen in the new version of the climate chambers. ClimeEvent 2 are visually appealing, premium in performance, reliable and accurate. The possibility of customisation and modification make a huge advantage, which we have considerable experience together with the weisstechnik company.

The first thing that will appeal to you is the unique design - minimalist and modern, with plenty of functional features.
ClimeEvent 2

The practicality of the chamber is enhanced by a clear LED bar in the door of the chamber, which displays the current status of the chamber and a storage box for storing accessories or customer equipment, located on the side of the device.

A great new feature is the so-called private mode, which is activated at the touch of a button and instantly obscures the window in the door and secures your test samples from unwanted attention.


The chambers are equipped with a 10" fully integrated touch panel, with faster response thanks to the new processor. The ability to tilt up to 60° creates an advantage, allowing you to set the angle that suits you.

Technologically, the chamber has also undergone several changes. Thanks to several modifications, the current version of the ClimeEvent 2 climate chamber is the most powerful in terms of humidification and has a unique built-in absolute humidity control option. The water bath tray is triple the size, providing a significant increase in humidification and dehumidification performance. The humidification water tank has a status indicator with a display of either remaining chamber climate mode run time or remaining water quantity.

The test area has smooth walls, which simplifies the system of inserting grates or applying grommets. The lighting of the test area is more homogeneous than in previous versions. The handle on the door has also been changed, increasing its ergonomics while maintaining the ventilation position.

So what's new?

  • visual LED bar to display the chamber status
  • homogeneous lighting of the test area
  • intelligent protection of test samples in the form of window fogging
  • flexible test area with adaptable rail system
  • integrated touch panel - larger, tilting, faster
  • precise absolute humidity control
  • ergonomic door handle
  • extra large water bath tray for increased humidification and dehumidification performance
  • practical storage solution for accessories
  • intelligent water management

The ClimeEvent 2 line can currently be ordered in 180, 340 and 600 litre sizes in both temperature and climate versions. Larger and other chamber types will be introduced over time. During the month of June, some models are ON STOCK. Please contact us for more information. 


As we indicated at the beginning, our company has also undergone its own evolution, as illustrated in the images below.

Our exhibition beginnings

Year 2022 / Amper, Brno

The test samples remained the same...

Find the 5 differences  / Jarek Hlaváček

We have trained and we have been trained

We’ve been receiving awards

The beginnings of customer seminars

We grew with your interest

And grew

No obstacle shall stop us

We are not afraid of hard work

Because a well-deserved reward always follows


Many of you surely have thought back in your memories to several events shown in the photos that we experienced together. There are many of you who have been with us from the beginning, which we appreciate very much.

Thank you for being with us and thank you that we can be here for you. We hope to continue to develop a mutually satisfying partnership.

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